Years ago, research and development into our food-supplement started. It is based on arguably the world‘s best olives from Greece - carefully refined by hand to retain all their precious ingredients. The positive characteristics of olives with regard to the heart, blood circulation and digestion are scientifically proven. By enrichment with seeds and natural ingredients we created a unique compostion to suit animals – the optimum balance 1:5 of omega 3 and omega 6 makes our product so special.

The creation of the exceptional OlviPet Collection came about when a group of people with capabilities in the areas of research, medicine and food technology got together and found themselves united in their love for pets - a man’s best friend. A team of marketing specialists from the pet sector gave this special collection an identity which differentiates it from everything that has been available in the market until now.

And that is only the beginning! More innovative products are already planned and in research.


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Olive oil

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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