YuDERM Skin Cream, formerly known as YuCARE Skin Cream is a soothing, antibacterial cream ideal for your pet first aid kit to help support natural healing and calm sensitive skin. An easy to use cream for those sore bits such as, minor cuts, abrasions, burns and areas affected by insect or mite attacks. You can also use it daily as a protective cream on sensitive skin, cracked or torn pads and dry noses.


How to use it

Apply a small amount to the affected area, repeat 2 to 3 times per day. Can be used daily as a protective cream on sensitive skin, cracks, or torn pads and cracked noses.

Lintbells YuDERM Skin Cream

    • Calendula
    • Colloidal Silver
    • Provitamin B5
    • Vitamin E

    Collodial Silver

    This soothing natural ingredient destroys bacteria and certain fungi on contact by disabling the enzymes necessary for their survival. This prevents these ‘nasties’ from multiplying and growing, providing a safe, natural and simple way to care for your pet.

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