Natural medicine for symptoms of asthma and chest discomfort in cats and dogs



Homeopathic medicine for temporarily relieving symptoms of asthma and poor respiratory functioning in pets
Temporarily relieves wheezing and shallow, labored breathing in cats and dogs
Reduces respiratory issues commonly linked to stress
Promotes relaxed bronchioles
Promotes healthy lung functioning

PetAlive AmazaPet™ Tablet

  • What are the Ingredients?

    AmazaPet is a 100% homeopathic formula and contains the following ingredients in therapeutic dosage: Althea (2X), Arsenicum alb (30C), Inula (2X), Kali mur (6X), Mag phos (8X), Phos (30C).

    Althea (2X) is another effective respiratory remedy. It has been studied for its supportive action on respiratory health. (Buechi, S., Vogelin, R., von Eiff, M. M., Ramos, M., and Melzer, J. “Open trial to assess aspects of safety and efficacy of a combined herbal cough syrup with ivy and thyme.&rdquo Forsch.Komplementarmed. Klass.Naturheilkd. 2005;12(6):328-332.)
    Arsenicum alb (30C) is a natural remedy effective for assisting the body in coping with cold air in the early morning. Arsen alb also has a variety of other benefits, and promotes clear and healthy eyes, noses and chests, while providing a soothing influence to all body systems.
    Inula (2X) has been used by homeopaths for centuries to address acute respiratory symptoms, as well as for the digestive system. It is a respected homeopathic remedy to keep chests, noses and throats clear and healthy. In addition, this ingredient has been studied for its calming effects. (Nesterova, IuV, Zelenskaia, K. L., Vetoshkina, T. V., Aksinenko, S. G., Gorbacheva, A. V., and Gorbatykh, N. A. “Mechanisms of antistressor activity of Inula helenium preparations." Eksp.Klin.Farmakol. 2003;66(4):63-65.)
    Kali mur (6X) is another biochemic tissue salt. Kali mur is well-known for its soothing and clarifying effect and also helps to improve liver functioning and strengthen blood and nerve tissue.
    Mag phos (8X) is a biochemic tissue salt used for rapid response when promoting clear air passages.
    Phos (30C) is a well-known natural remedy for the respiratory system and throat, as well as an excellent tonic for the nervous system.

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