Natural medicine for bladder problems in cats and dogs, such as frequent accidents



Homeopathic medicine temporarily relieves symptoms of incontinence in pets
Temporarily relieves symptoms such as frequent leaking, dribbling, and bladder "accidents"
Promotes bladder health to maintain control
Supports urethra and sphincter muscle functioning
Supports urinary system functioning and bladder health

PetAlive Better-Bladder Control™ for Pet Incontinence Symptoms- Granules

  • What are the ingredients?

    Better-Bladder Control is 100% homeopathic, contains these ingredients, and has the following indications (purposes): Cantharis 30C HPUS, Causticum 6C HPUS, Equisetum arv 6C HPUS, Ferrum phos 6C HPUS.

    Cantharis 30C HPUS: intolerable urging to urinate, piercing, burning pains in the bladder, irresistible urge to urinate.
    Causticum 6C HPUS: involuntary when sneezing, involuntary during first sleep at night, constant unsatisfied need to urinate, passes urine without noticing it.
    Equisetum 6C HPUS: feeling of fullness of bladder, frequent urging, involuntary urination, frequent, heavy micturition with pain during and after urination.
    Ferrum phos 6C HPUS: spurts with every cough, daily incontinence.

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