Natural medicine for symptoms of allergy-related congestion & acute sinusitis in dogs & cats



Homeopathic medicine temporarily relieves symptoms of nasal congestion due to allergies
Relieves symptoms including blocked sinuses, sneezing, and runny nose in pets
Calms swelling tissue in sinuses to reduce sinus congestion
Reduces facial pain or pressure
Promotes immune system health

PetAlive Sinu-Rite™ for Sinus Infection Symptoms

  • What are the ingredients?

    Sinu-Rite is 100% homeopathic, contains these ingredients, and has the following indications (purposes): Glycyrrhiza 3X HPUS, Kali bic 30C HPUS, Nat mur 6X HPUS, Sambucus nig 3X HPUS, Pulsatilla 30C HPUS.

    Nat mur 6X HPUS: breathing difficult, discharge watery, sneezing, loss of smell and taste, excessive flow of mucous.
    Pulsatilla 30C HPUS: loss of smell, mucous, thick, non-irritating nasal discharge.
    Kali bic 30C HPUS: discharge, thick, ropey; loss of smell, inability to breathe through nose, sneezing.
    Glycyrrhiza 3X HPUS: expectorant.
    Sambucus nig 3X HPUS: dry, spasmodic cough; nose blocked up.

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